Defeating Two Empires Simultaneously – But Not al-Qaeda

Here’s a pathetic analogy of our war on terror versus our war against European fascism in the 1940s: during WW II America and our allies simultaneously defeated two empires, the Third Reich and Imperial Japan, in less time than its taken us to defeat al-Qaeda.

Hitler controlled most of Europe, from Madrid to practically Moscow, the first (and only) ruler to do that since Napoleon in the early 1800s. Japan went on a tear in the 1930s, taking over several Asian countries and large parts of China. But by the fall of 1945 the guns “were silent” to paraphrase General Douglas MacArthur.

America has been bogged down in the unnecessary war in Iraq for six years now. It’s also been eight years since the tragic events of 9-11 and we still haven’t captured or killed Osama bin-Laden (or Mullah Omar, another real enemy and unknown to most Americans because of their own ignorance, a pathetic corporate media and Bush/Cheney/Rove manipulations).

The Taliban and al-Qaeda are thriving. The Taliban, based in Afghanistan and not Iraq, harbored bin-Laden and his crew. Iraq never attacked America in its history. But Iraq is awash in oil, something that obviously concerned George W. Bush and Dick Cheney more than seeking justice or eliminating the real threat to America.

Today in Afghanistan – eight years after we invaded without nearly enough troops or equipment because it doesn’t have any oil – this CNN headline reads: Taliban storm strategic Afghan city – 5-12-09. And while more troops are being sent to Afghanistan if the proper amount were sent there after that country launched the 9-11 attacks there’s a good chance we would have already defeated the Taliban and al-Qaeda and captured or killed the real bastards who attacked us.

The Taliban also set up shop in Pakistan and control large parts of that country. The Pakistani Army, or actually the non-Taliban elements of the Pakistani Army, is finally engaging the Taliban and serious fighting is occurring there. If the Taliban are not defeated in Pakistan we are looking at several more years of terrorist attacks and warfare.

It’s a shame the Democrats in our government are just as corrupt, ignorant and inept as the Republicans and in the same pockets of their campaign contributors. Because if they weren’t they might not have voted for Bush’s war. And if ever a president (and V.P.) should have been impeached and then sent to jail for blatantly selling a war on a pack of lies it’s George W. Bush.


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