Legislators Make The Gun Problem Worse

Here are two scary, pathetic headlines from the same day:

Fearing Obama Agenda, States Push to Loosen Gun Laws, NY Times 2-23-10 and 2 Teens Injured in Colorado Middle School Shooting, The AP/NY Times 2-23-10.

One doesn’t need to read either story to hopefully understand we have a serious gun problem in this country and it’s certainly not because there are some restrictions on weapons ownership.

America leads the world in public shootings and the slaughter that accompanies these acts. Where else are there shootings in schools (middle and high schools, and colleges), work places and various offices with such regularity?

It’s absolutely pathetic, ignorant and irresponsible that it’s legal to buy and sell assault rifles in America. These deadly weapons can be turned into machine guns in a matter of minutes.

And please don’t give the incredibly lame, outdated Second Amendment “right to bear arms” argument. American gun shops are arming the murderous Mexican drug cartels. Is this what our country’s founders meant with the Second Amendment? (For more on this see “The right to bear arms” While Arming Mexican Drug Cartels.)

The gun laws are such a joke in this country Islamic terrorists wanted to set up a training camp in Oregon – that’s right, Oregon! – and “Prosecutors in the (Oussama) Kassir case portrayed him as a follower of militant clerics who wanted to take advantage of more relaxed gun laws to arrange training in the United States for European recruits to Islamic militancy.” (emphasis added) See Oussama Kassir convicted of trying to start terror camp; 5 convicted in Miami for Sears Tower plot, AP/NY Daily News, 5-12-09.

And if they ever do succeed in building a training camp here in the “relaxed gun laws” land and produce killers and terror, maybe, just maybe, the politicians who take millions of campaign contribution dollars annually from the gun lobby and its tool, the NRA, will wake up and do something for the good of the country, as opposed to acting simply for the good of their own bottom line.


A mere two days after the above-mentioned headlines appeared, along came this one:

Detective killed, officer critical in Calif. Shooting, msnbc.com, 2-25-10

As for one of the above-mentioned articles (Fearing Obama Agenda, States Push to Loosen Gun Laws, NY Times 2-23-10) the ignorant, corrupt lawmakers in Virginia obviously didn’t learn anything after the April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre when a student there, Seung-Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people with two high-powered, semi-automatic handguns before killing himself.

The Virginia General Assembly “approved a bill last week that allows people to carry concealed weapons in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, and the House of Delegates voted to repeal a 17-year-old ban on buying more than one handgun a month.”

So when a drunken idiot in a bar pulls out two handguns he bought that morning and starts blasting away will the lawmakers simply shrug and say “guns don’t kill people, people do”?

And for a great argument against the above, moronic pro-gun statement see:

Myth: Guns don’t kill people, people do.

Fact: Both guns and people kill; guns make it easier.


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