Why Dick Cheney Should be Put on a Spaceship and Launched into Outer Space (although that would be cruel to the cosmos – sorry!)

Dick Cheney needs to shut his hypocritical mouth and disappear. Take a vacation, Dick. Like a permanent one to some far-away place. Tahiti though is still too close to America and the rest of the world. And too beautiful for him. Actually we should just put him on a spaceship and launch him into outer space.

He is by far the most heinous, disgusting thing to ever hold power. Oh wait, I forgot about W. Okay, we have a tie. Cheney weaseled out of the draft during the Vietnam War by getting five deferments. He then becomes vice president and proceeds to lie to America and the world to get his war in Iraq. A war he and his friends at Halliburton, big oil and the military industry complex (he is also a former Defense Secretary) profited off of immensely.

For seven long years vice president Dick Cheney ignored the real threats to America – Afghanistan and Pakistan – because neither one of those countries has any oil. Yet he’s so arrogant and ignorant he has the nerve to call President Obama “afraid” when it comes to policy on Afghanistan and recently said “The President must stop dithering while America’s troops on the ground are in danger.”

If you’re so worried about those troops, Dick, then how come when there was a draft in this country and we were at war in Vietnam you weren’t fighting side by side with them? Oh yeah, you were too busy getting all those deferments. Damn you’re tough. And macho.

As Dick Cheney got older he played the revolving door game of greed and power in Washington, DC and served as Poppy Bush’s Defense Secretary, where he made a lot of contacts in the military and military industrial complex.

He then landed a job at Halliburton, the world’s biggest oil services company. The great documentary Why We Fight (2005, and please click on the link, watch the trailer and listen to what a former CIA agent has to say about war profiteering and a former President AND Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower says about the dangers of the military industrial complex in his infamous 1961 presidential farewell speech) points out how once Cheney was at Halliburton he used his connections with the military to expand his company’s business and provide food, laundry and other services to our soldiers.

And while all that might seem like a savvy businessman increasing the bottom line for his company Cheney, the great patriot always looking out for America’s best interests, also did business with the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism, Iran.

According to Fox News’ (yup, look how fair and balanced I am!) Iran Oil Probe Focuses on Halliburton, 7-21-04: “A Halliburton controversy erupted Tuesday, fueled by a grand jury investigation into whether the oil services giant violated federal sanctions by operating in Iran while Vice President Dick Cheney was running the company.

The investigation centers on Halliburton Products and Services Ltd., a subsidiary registered in the Cayman Islands and headquartered in Dubai that provided oil field services in Iran. The unit’s operations in Iran included Cheney’s stint as chief executive from 1995 to 2000, when he frequently urged the lifting of such sanctions.” (emphasis added)

Not only did he do business with the radical, Islamic fascists who run Iran and support terrorism but even Fox News reported that he “frequently urged the lifting” of sanctions against Iran so he could do more business with the corrupt mullahs over there.

The Fox News piece continued with this: “Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-N.J.), whose office has provided information on the case to the Treasury Department, said Tuesday that Halliburton Products and Services was a sham that existed only to circumvent the sanctions.

“It’s unconscionable that an American company would skirt the law to help Iran generate revenues,” Lautenberg told reporters…”

For those of you who think Bush and Cheney kept us safe in the post-9/11 world keep in mind they borrowed billions, if not trillions, from China to pay for their unnecessary war in Iraq. China now firmly owns America due to our massive debt to that country. And that does not bode well at all for America’s security and future.

If China wanted to invade the Korean peninsula, Taiwan, Japan or any other country we couldn’t lift a finger to stop them. Not because it’s such a massive country with a huge military, but simply because China owns us. Thanks Dick, great job.

The following headlines, all from reputable sources, continue the pathetic, disgusting tale of Dick Cheney:

Questions for Vice President Dick Cheney, CNN.money.com, 11-25-07 (here he admits opposing sanctions against Iran when he was at Halliburton)

Halliburton Charged with Selling Nuclear Technologies in Iran

Terror Watch: Halliburton’s Deal With Iran, msnbc.com/Newsweek, 2-16-05

Halliburton Operates in Iran Despite Sanctions, msnbc.com, 3-8-05

Halliburton Pulls Out of Iran: But…., huffingtonpost.com, 4-10-07

Somebody, please, put this scumbag on a spaceship, NOW!


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